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The President of CEN, Jackie Hu, aim to inspire and advance young leaders actively engage in pioneer enterprises and connect to the corporate world

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Yuchen Guo, Vice President, Lead team to reach out to potential sponsors and communicate with partners gathering resources and building up the network to support the organization’s operation.

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The Vice President, Tingting Qian, assists the president in pursuing the goals of expanding job hunting,entreprenuerial events and establish social relationships among students and companies. She is primarily responsible for supervising Human Resources and Tech Department as well as building sustainable inner and outer relationships.

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Carol Yin, Vice president of CEN. Primary responsible for leading the Event Plaining and Marketing department to bring more valuable events to CEN and promote CEN influence among the UW community. I am also in charge of 2019 ‘we want you’ show.

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Yaran Cui, TECH Director, The Director of Technology mainly focuses on the technological supports for all CEN major events. Poster design, photography, videography and also website design are our main missions. Securing CEN branding and development, Yaran is dedicated to further explore more possibilities by various design and tech support for CEN.

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Vincent Xu, PR Director, The Director of Public Relations mainly leads the effort in maintaining proper connection with the professionals, businesses and other student organizations. Continuously expanding the CEN UW career development platform, Vincent would like to further contribute to the close knit relationships to the CEN networks.

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Claire Zhang, Human Resource Director of CEN. Primary responsible for running the annual recruitment, maintaining records of members’ participation in all events, coordinating with UW events department.

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Jiahui Chen, director of Event Planning Department. EP team is the core of all CEN events. We are responsible for every detail of each event and cooperate with other teams to make the events flawless.

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Yuxin Han, Finance Director of CEN. Primary responsible for sourcing sponsors,overseeing fund applications,and running budgets and accounts.